Bose SoundTrue Ultra review


BOSE introduces its first noise-isolating in-ear headphones by launching the BOSE SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones, with an aim to provide the audio performance, comfort and stability that was not available in any noise-isolating headphone till date, especially for an in-ear headphone.


The new headphones are joined by the around-ear headphones that get a design upgrade. With the introduction of these SoundTrue headphones,bose soundtrue ultra - design 1 Bose has brought in new StayHear Ultra tips that don’t sit inside the ear but they rest on the outside to form an acoustic seal, and the high-precision driver helps in accurate audio reproduction. Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones have a soft seal that’s used for passive noise reduction. The seal increases the quality and the purity of the music. These are the first Bose in-ear headphones capable of doing noise cancellation, so if this is the variety you’re interested in, you’ll definitely enjoy the innovation.Bose in-ear headphones come in three sizes, thus you can make sure that the fit is going to be perfect.bose soundtrue ultra - design



Bose used to get accused of having bloated bass in its headphones and speakers, but the The SoundTrue is an even-handed, very clean-sounding headphone that’s designed to make all music sound good.bose soundtrue ultra - performanceThe Focal is a more revealing, exciting headphone, with more bass. It was really good with jazz tracks like Michael Brecker’s “Midnight Voyage” and had more immediacy and presence than the Bose. However, on certain tracks the Focal’s added transparency magnified the flaws in poorly produced tracks and gave the music an edge that bordered on grating. Its top volume is about 10-20 percent lower than a lot of in-ears on the market. Since this is the company’s first true in-ear headphone, I believe that as a precaution Bose set the top volume a little lower to prevent people from damaging their ears.bose soundtrue ultra - performance 1



In-ear headphones usually provide convenience but they aren’t recognized for the quality of the audio. Bose SoundTrue Ultra is an exception.Very comfortable and lightweight, these are perfect for every active individual that likes listening to music on the go.