Microsoft Surface Studio – 2016

Have you ever been thinking that a screen this in mind and do all your work with?

Surface studio with “pixel sense 28” display is quite large and allows you to thin your ideas as color, editing, and design. screen color display with 13.5 million colors and a resolution, it seems very real.You can display detailed, painting, drawing and… can do.As well as for the thin computer, applications and games offered through the site you can get. This 28-inch screen, up to 10 touch sense.You can play your favorite console without USB run through this screen gaming console’s power. You can use this technology in paperwork, music making, drawing and painting use.Also you can use it in Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word and Excel use.This small computer can accommodate up to 32 GB of RAM in.The starting price of $2.999.So if you are looking for a small product that you can use to do your job, do not miss this product. It is a phenomenon in the age of technology. This is where Microsoft shows its strength.

This product is now for sale, if you want to administrative work, design and make your own, be sure to apply for the purchase of this product. It should be noted that these products are not designed to do administrative work, you can play with this product, see movies, listen to music and surf the Internet. The battery life of the product so much that perhaps the days you work! This product is high processor, it has taken a lot of work, do not forget Bluetooth has also been used in this product, so if you want to send a photo or file, you can submit it. You may draw your attention to this product, so as soon as purchased this product and benefit from its features.
Photos of this product:
watch a video and edit:
pen for this screen:
theConsole game’s in Surface Studio: