Back-to-School High-end Smartphones

which one ? htc or samsung

now you can choose



One M8 $649+

The M8 is an even better version of 2013’s HTC One — already a very solid phone. We appreciate the improved performance and battery life, and we think HTC One fans will, too. What’s more, photography buffs will have fun with the Duo Camera feature for tweaking depth of field and adding other post-production effects. The design’s a bit too slippery for our liking, though, so we’d advise against mixing the M8 with alcohol.

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Galaxy S5 $750+

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the top Android phone-maker’s flagship phone, and that about sums it up. It’s a solid device, with a great display, good battery life and a comfortable, if uninspired, design. Some features, including the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, are still a bit half-baked, but if a reliable Android handset is what you’re after, the S5 fits the bill.

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