Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a striking handset, taking the title as the world’s first dual curved displays smartphone.



The edge is made of aluminium alloy that feels just as strong as it looks. The front is covered in Gorilla Glass 4 – the latest version of the popular toughened glass – and so is the back.The diamond-cut edging brings a lustre to the metal border that’s reminiscent of the iPhone 5, but thinner and more tasteful.Samsung has managed to pack a 5.1-inch screen.The buttons on the Galaxy S6 Edge are also brilliant – firm and with just the right amount of spring. Their location is excellent, with the power button a few inches from the top of the right edge, while the volume ones rest a little higher on the left.the glass back is surprisingly grippy – much more so than the one on the Sony Xperia Z3.If there’s a problem with the design, it’s how the edges make the S6 Edge less comfortable to hold than other phones. That’s because the edges taper the wrong way – away from your hand. What little edge there is slopes back into your hand to combat this, but it still has a sharper, pinching sensation compared to other phones.Trickier to solve is how the curved screen makes it all too easy for your hand to brush against the edge of the screen, which prevents you from scrolling or hitting a link with your thumb. It takes a moment to realise that the phone hasn’t frozen; it’s just that part of your palm is resting on the edge of the galaxy s6 edge - design 2



The main display measures 5.1-inches and boasts a QHD, 1440 x 2560 resolution providing pin sharp clarity and Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology ensures everything is bright and vibrant.That gives you a pixel density of 577ppi.It’s the dual curving sides on the Galaxy S6 Edge which are the key talking point for the handset. There’s no doubt they produce a highly attractive handset, and the Gorilla Glass 4 covering should keep it well protected.First up you can only have the edge screen on the left or right of the screen – there’s no option to have details displayed on both sides simultaneously – which seems a little counter intuitive.There is additional functionality relating to the edge when the screen is on, but again it’s relatively limited – more on this on the next galaxy s6 edge - displayThe column of apps you got on the Galaxy Note which included shortcuts to key applications and tools such as a ruler has been completely left out on the Galaxy S6 Edge.The main functionality for the edge screen is actually only available when the main screen is off on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.You have to slide your a finger one way then the other along the side of the handset to wake the edge screen, but it’s highly temperamental and I regularly found the Galaxy S6 Edge failing to recognize my swipe first time.Thing is, the information is limited and if you’ve had to swipe several times to get the edge screen to show you’ll give up and just hit the home key to wake the full screen for all your notification and time needs.Turn the screen on and you won’t be able to bring up the information bar anymore, but you’ll notice a slender transparent tab at the top of the display.Depending which side you’ve selected to have the Edge screen displayed will dictate whether this tab appears on the left or right.Drag the tab into the screen and you’ll pull open what Samsung is calling the People Edge on the Galaxy S6 Edge.Another frustrating thing about the People Edge is the fact it’s there to alert you to key messages and missed calls, but it only covers calls, texts and galaxy s6 edge - display 1The final feature of the Galaxy S6 Edge’s unique side displays comes into play when the handset is placed face down.It provides a discreet light up notification to alert you that you’ve received a call, text or email from a key contact.You can even dismiss the call and send a pre-written text message to that person by placing a finger on the heart rate monitor for two seconds.



As widely expected, Samsung has ditched Qualcomm this time for the UK version of its flagship handset. Instead, everyone in the world is getting the same Samsung-made octa-samsung galaxy s6 edge - performancecore Exynos 7420 chip. With four cores running at 2.1GHz and another four running at 1.5GHzThis is the first smartphone processor to use a 14nm fabrication process, which means that it should run cooler and use less power. It’s also among the first Android handsets to have a 64-bit processor, now supported in Android Lollipop.The S6 Edge also proved itself the more capable gaming companion, as its huge 1,537 frames (or 25fps) in GFX Bench GL’s offscreen Manhatten test is the quickest I’ve seen.This is still more than enough power to play even the most demanding games in the Google Play Store, including Blizzard’s Hearthstone, but the S6 Edge should be able to cope with higher graphics options if you have the choice.



The single speaker on the Galaxy S6 Edge isn’t as impressive as the screen, but it is very loud – as loud at top volume as similar smartphones, and a little louder than the Galaxy samsung galaxy s6 edge - speakerS5’’s a perfect speakerphone for conference calls.But it’s no good for music – there’s just not enough depth and the S6 Edge can sounds harsh and forced at higher volumes. If you want to listen to music then your best bet is to crack open the supplied earpod-style earphones, invest in a more serious pair of cans, or buy a Bluetooth speaker.The speaker also suffers for being at the bottom of the phone, just like the iPhone 6’s.



The rear facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is excellent. It’s one of the best cameras I’ve had the pleasure of using on a smartphone.You’ll find the same cameras here that you get on the Galaxy S6, with a 16MP rear facing snapper and a 5MP option up samsung galaxy s6 edge - camerafront.Being able to launch the camera from anywhere on the handset by just double clicking the home button is a useful feature, and the fact it loads the camera almost instantly means you’re much less likely to miss a shot.Samsung has worked on its camera app, making it less cluttered and easier to use – and it’s a welcome change as previous iterations just threw in features left, right and center and they got in the way of actually taking a picture.The app now has a handful of modes including auto, pro, selective focus, panorama, virtual shot, slow motion and fast motion.Selective focus allows you to choose the point of focus of an image after you’ve snapped it. You only get a choice of three; near, far or all, but it’s a clever effect and worth playing around with when you get a chance.Virtual shot is more of a gimmicky feature, but also kind of cool. Select an object you want a 3D view of, and then move the S6 Edge around it. The phone will capture a series of images and stitch them together into a GIF.You can then look round the object by tilting your phone left and right. It’s fun to show off, but the quality is pretty low and it can be a hassle capturing the shot in the first galaxy s6 edge - camera 1The S6 Edge can record 4K video using its rear camera, and 2K video on the front, but if you select to record slow or fast motion you’ll only be able to capture footage in 1280 x 720.The S6 Edge performs best outside in daylight, with a high level of detail captured and even the 4x digital zoom doesn’t degrade quality as much as I was expecting.Indoors the S6 Edge is a strong performer and while low light is still a work in progress for all smartphone cameras, there is an noticeable improvement in this area over the 2014 line up.There is a LED flash on the rear, but as with many smartphones it tends to dominate the shot and over exposure your subject so try and avoid using it.


Battery life

Samsung has fitted a 2,600mAh battery to the S6 Edge.The S6 Edge supports wireless charging, with support for both the WPC (Qi) and PMA (Powermat) standards. There’s also the usual microUSB port on the bottom of the phone and a fast charge option which means that ten minutes of charge will provide a claimed four hours of use.



Design. Power. Performance. Imaging. Connectivity. Features –– the Galaxy S6 edge, like its edge-less brother, has them all to the max. the Galaxy S6 edge rages on with its unique and HUGELY satisfying design, which not only sets it apart from every other phone on the market, but also brings with it a bunch of useful features that some people might really enjoy.