Back-to-School High-end Tablets

High-end Tablets:

Fall is on its way, and the anticipation of a new school year is beginning to build.


Xperia Z2 tablet $500+

There are a handful of high-end Android tablets worthy of your consideration, but Sony’s Xperia Z2 will appeal especially to those who want a clean software experience. Unlike offerings from Samsung and others, this slate keeps UI modifications to a minimum, with just a smattering of entertainment apps to remind you of Sony’s media prowess. Bonus: The Z2 is waterproof, though probably not beer-proof.

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Surface Pro 3 $799+

In theory, at least, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 can pull double duty as both a tablet and a laptop, but we’d recommend nabbing a machine with a better keyboard for writing term papers. Whether you choose to use the Pro 3 as a slate or as a do-it-all device, though, you’ll love the thin and light design, which includes a versatile kickstand.

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iPad Air $499+

Want a tablet that won’t weigh down your backpack? Okay with the 9.7-inch screen size, and — most importantly — down with Apple’s OS? The iPad Air is your guy. True, this slate isn’t cheap, and the inevitable iPad refresh is likely just a few months away, but the Air’s comfortable design and solid performance could be worth the cost depending on your needs.

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